Abdullah Saeed

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Why me?

Innovative, creative and level-headed software engineer with immaculate abilities in many aspects such as wordpress, flutter android app development, website and software testing, evaluation and optimization. Highly skillful in creating stunning and fully responsive websites and applications as well as developing and maintaining the back-end. Adeptly performs manual testing and works on improving product’s functionality and usability. Proactively coordinates with project development team to evaluate system interfaces, operational and performance requirements of entire system. Competently maintains and executes test frameworks and scripts.

Career Objective

Self Motivated and Self Taught developer seeking for a company where my skills in applying a theoretical knowledge in practical field and enhance my experience through continuous learning and team work. Committed to ensuring the all established quality standards are followed.

Professional Experience

Smart Leading Solutions Pvt Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan

Worked as a Senior WordPress Developer, Plugin developer and performance tester
( 2019 – 2020 )

Key Responsibilities:

Freelancing on Upwork

Currently working as a Freelance wordpress web developer on Upwork

Key Responsibilities:

Flutter Android App Development

Currently developing social application  on Flutter/ Dart for Android

Applicaiton Details :

With freelancing I am also working on a side project of an Android app development. I am building a social media application. Which allows users to communicate with each other through multiple different chatrooms. They can join different rooms and hangout with their friends. User can move their avatars in the chatroom which gives them a sense of presence of other people as well as 1 to 1 personal chats are also available. Users can also share stories or posts on a social board which is visible for every user, on which users can comment and like the stories. A variety of VIP features are also available for premium members only like custom badges, vip colors, profile shapes and profile themes.

Additional Experience

  • Worked as “Intern” at Kerios Technologies and worked on Codeigniter and Php
  • Worked as “Chat Support Agent & Data scraping” at Virtual Communications Pakistan

My Expertise

My Projects

Tribe Kuwait

TRIBE is place for you to work, network, and grow your business ideas.
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Sara Minkara is an internationally recognized champion for leadership, individual empowerment, disability, inclusion and social enterprise.
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The Lions’ Den

The Lions’ Den is a law firm located in Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa and New York City.
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Dream Tax Service

We are committed to serving small business owners and entrepreneurs with obtaining the funding they need for their business without having to put their personal credit or personal assets at risk every time.
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Communicate with current and new customers anytime, anywhere and on any device and give them the best customer experience with Voipro.
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Açaí Roots

E-commerce website that let's you choose your Acai toppings and other various healthy food products.
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